Abita is a consortium of eight leading Italian Universities and a newly created interuniversity Research Centre in the field od enviromental technologies. Its main objectives of ABITA activities are to promote, organize and develop research activities in the field of systems and architectural technologies and in transfromation of the built and natural enviroment. ABITA lately promotes collaboration new Municipalities and Public Administrations in order to improve policies od urban enviromental qualification with the aim to introduce new enviromental parameters in building standards and about urban development.


ITALIAN INNOVATION FOR CHINA ( Florence_Shanghai, Beijing, Nanning, Changsha, WeiHai), from the Urban City & Rural hinterland scale, to Smart School Design, Solar Farm Eco Village, Social Eco Housing_Compounds , Eco_Skyscrapers and advanced Soil less  Green_House Industrial Design.

Full immersive & full board Post Degree Training Seminar in English language, targets both Architects & Engineers together with Public institutions personnel Entrepreneurs & Developers, who who look for European Eco_Technology update , new Sustainable Urban & Rural Real Estate models for China’s  sustainable growth and development.

Morning Lecture base Conference & Afternoon Design Workshops format, exploring – Real China’s Themes. Italian Professors of “Green Architecture & Sustainable Integral Planning” and “Green House Agrifood” experts, supported by Italian Industrial prefabricated  eco technology,  will be backup with local Chines experts in knowledge fields.Tours visit to top Eco Technology Industries and Historic cities. Full Board and personal Tutoring. Professional Diploma ABITA, will be obtained after completing the whole course and positive evaluation.



On the other side, we will deal with the contemporary field of “Green Design” based on the “New Green Deal” paradigm, triggering new trends on “Environmental Management” for the Smart City, with visits and specific communications by Municipal & Regional Bodies and Public Private Partnerships on “Green Urban Infrastructure” in Florence and Tuscany, who will share their ‘Best Practices’ on policies, standard and procedures for sustainable growth, targeting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015.



On the other side, we will deal with the contemporary field of “Green Design” based on the “New Green Deal” paradigm, triggering new trends on environmental management and design for the Smart City, Green Architecture, with visits and specific communications from ‘Eco Enterprises’ and Technology providers with specific visit to their Best Practices buildings in Florence and Tuscany, who will share on experience on standard, procedures and marketing perspectives for Sustainable Growth, targeting UN Sustainable Development Goals 2015.



Focus mainly on Sustainable Design & Arts, with a special focus on the Renaissance, its historical perspectives, the design philosophies bonded to the relationship between aesthetics, myth, form_beauty, geometry_numbers and its direct roots to nature.