Graduated in 1975 at the Turin Polythecnic in Architecture and Urban planning. It has been working as an indipendent professional since 1977.He is amember of the Architect Association of  Turin. In the eighties he cooperated, with the Bologna’s ERA (Energy Resources Environment), to a project for the development of the Enza River Valley, in the Emilia Romagna Region.

In 1982-1984, he worked, with a pool of large companies (i.e.Fiat, Pirelli, Conaco, Dioguardi) and with the National Association of Drainage and Irrigation, on anational project for the development of “Marginal Areas” which addresses the issues related to hydro geological problemsand management of water systems: a vital contribution to the Three-Year Planfor South Italy. In 1984-1986 he headed the project “Monitor” for the Italian Health Ministry and later on (1985 – 1986) he was an advisor of the Environment Ministry for writing new laws for landscape protection.In 1984 he formed a partnership with Maestro Gino Valle (one of most important italian architects) for the project of the new Olivetti Headquarters, and the following year for theplan of Olivetti’s productive district in San Bernardo – Ivrea, North of Italy. Other projects were “Pirelli Bicocca” in Milan and for Ilsa Violairon and steel factory in theValle D’Aosta region, and Techno Park of Baltea. In1990 -1995 he contributed to the city of BergamoCity Master Plan.After 1995 he concetrated on major projects such as the Agribusiness Center of Turin, the planning of Collegno city center, the Agricultural Consortium of Alexandria, two new neighborhoods in Prague, and a residential village with golf course near Prague,the development of the docks area in Prague, new residences and offices in a former military area in Beroun – Czech Republic. He then worked on a large project (over 350 millions euro) fora new “Media City” and theme park between Milano and Torino, a mix of TV, cinema and communication studios, one of three Italian projects in 2006 to the Green Building Challenge in Tokyo, and has represented Italy at the Shanghai Expo 2010, in the “Italy of Innovators” group, a project that Oliviero Toscani had seen like the workshop of “those who imagine the future.” He was also the winner at the International Competition for the “New Financial Distric of Verona (with Isola architetti). Today he has various projects going on in Algeria and China, Russia, Turkey. Sergio Porcellini is also a photographer and painter, a lover of art and gastronomy. He is married with two childrens.