Professor & Senior Research Scholar at ABITA Inter University Center of the University of Florence in Italy. “Suma Cum Laude” in Architecture & Urban Planning University of Florence 1983; Registered architect in Italy since 1984; PhD University of Rome, “La Sapienza”1990; Post PhD University of Rome & Grenoble, France 1994. Over 30 year’s professional & academic experience in spatial /urban planning & environmental architectural design, fostering sustainable development within UN policy & strategy, SDG (sustainable development goal). Expert on “Multimedia” as teaching aids, “Green “or “Eco Technology” and “Urban & Architectural Environmental Design”, in a logic of development cooperation. Since 2005 responsible of ABITA’s International Relationships, promoting “Eco technological” collaboration between Italy_UNASUR (Colombia, Peru Ecuador, Bolivia) & ACP (Asia, Caribbean & the Pacific) countries. He previously developed 25 years of fruitful academic collaboration and cooperation for enterprises incubation development in the field of “Green Architecture & Sustainable Planning”: Mozambique 1990, Colombia 1993, and Brazil 1994, Ecuador 1995-1999- ongoing, Perú 2004-ongoing, Chile 2009-ongoing, Colombia 2009- ongoing, China 2011-ongoing, and Montenegro 2012_ongoing.

CEO of ABITAGREEN enterprise since 2013, with the mission to establish ties between the European eco industry, transferring “Eco and Renewable Technologies” to Asia, Latin America & Africa. Senior member of the “The Guardian” Project, looking to establish a sustainable equilibrium of 10 projects & real estate development between Pacific Islands, including the Galapagos Archipelago of the Republic of Ecuador. Currently it is “Chair Technical Committee” of the International “Green Med Forum Florence 2015″ Conference for the Mediterranean, promoting “Green Architecture”, with the integration of renewable energy and eco technologies for the environment. Founder and promoter of “GreenBusiness®Abitar EU Trade Mark”, registered in the Florence Chamber of Commerce _ European Union, targeting eco technology materials & recycling biocomposite brands, since 2010. Yoga practice with Wanda Schiaravelli Florence 1979 / Tai Chi Chuan practice with Bronwyn Hipkin Cambridge England 1980. Tai Chi Chuan Master, Yang style since 1985 in Florence. Speaks English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese